Belt Conveyors

manifold completions for the bulk product

and unit load handling



Belt conveyors for all fields of application

Troughed belt conveyors ■ Flat belt conveyors ■ Ascending conveyors ■ Swan neck conveyors ■ Sidewall conveyors

Modern conveyor technique, precisely fitted for your demands and conveying conditions. We offer you high class conveying systems of the most diverse construction methods, dimensions and modes of drive as well as a multitude of additional options and service features.

Innovative Details & High Operating Efficiency


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However your requests may look like: safety, solid assembly, low noise level, integration capability into existing conveying machinery and an almost unbounded flexibility for the concrete standards of the individual case.


Whether in the food industry or in the low temperature range, in the use of hazardous areas or in the heavy industry: numerous construction methods and belts with the most distinct surface structures as well as extensions, for example weighing systems or scrapers, ensure perfect handling of your transported material.




Part of HUMBERT & POL’s innovative and fully developed conveyor technique systems is the serviceability of all conveying machinery. Self contained constructions Enclosed designs with inspection covers, as required open models as well as easy to clean options, provide for short standstill periods.

Belt Models


A wide range of belt qualities always enables the ideal conveyance of your products and covers a broad range of application.


files/humbert_pol/img/Foerderbaender/wellkante_mit_stollen_klein.jpgChoose from a variety of different materials and moulded belts for your intended use. The qualities are manifold and often combinable: belts with non-stick properties, food safe, heat-resistant, antistatic and/or abrasion-resistant or acid-resistant. For the effective transfer of goods we offer a wide range of coating options with the most different surface structures such as cleats, corrugated edges side-walls, knob topography as well as special coatings of all types. Belt material is provided depending on the individual case: synthetic belts made of PVC, PU, silicone, rubber belts as well as link belts made of synthetic material or metal.

Special Applications & Options


In addition, depending on application and requirements, the following options are available:

  • self-contained, dust-proof
  • for the transportation of cold and hot goods
  • mobile
  • integrated belt weigher
  • ATEX versions
  • metering conveyor belt
  • discharge conveyor belt

Besides this HUMBERT & POL offers a wide range of individual auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belt guide stations, scraper systems and models for material to be conveyed. We also offer different safety equipments and devices from the emergency pull-wire to off-track detectors as well as rotational control.